Etienne Côté, DVM, DACVIM
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Welcome to the companion website for the second edition of Clinical Veterinary Advisor: Dogs and Cats by Etienne Côté. Here you will find a wealth of resources, including the entire text of the book in a fully searchable format, plus an extensive database of images and videos, expanded reference lists for all Diseases and Disorders chapters, and additional chapters, tables, and algorithms as bookmarked in the printed textbook.

You will also find over 150 Client Education Sheets in both English and Spanish, including 51 of our new "How-To" Client Education Sheets. These helpful documents provide clients with specific information for how to carry out discharge instructions and monitoring at home, including advice for troubleshooting and answers to frequently asked questions.

Thank you for visiting the website. We hope you will find it complements the hardcopy edition of the book and is an equally invaluable resource.

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